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“Field study” of a special kind: ECOTENT® on the field  

„Which fruit the fields will bear depends on how you till them“– this is more than just sheer truism. Nevertheless, taking care of the fields or vast garden areas may quickly become too much work. However, with the mulching devices made by Müthing, the fieldwork is nothing more than child’s play.

Müthing makes fieldwork easier

If you choose a product from Müthing, you choose quality. And you do not buy a “pig in a poke” at all! Because Müthing presents its products in real life situations on the fields, so that you can see how their machines perform on-site. 

In order to optimize the own brand presentation, the German producer now uses our classic – the Ecotent® pop up gazebo 3×3 m. The mulching specialist can call several customized folding pavilions his own. With the professional printing, the robust all-rounders cut a good figure even on the soft ground.


Arbeit & Landwirtschaft

Optimise your outdoor space solution with a customised canopy that perfectly suits your activity. Don't wait any longer find out more!

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Individual building sets

For our pop up gazebos, the system of building blocks applies: You may extend the gazebos further at any time, so that you can easily adapt them to current needs. This means that, for instance, you may add side panels if you need them. And thanks to the PVC soiling-protection edging of our standard side panels, not even the dusty soil poses a problem: If the side walls should come into contact with the topsoil, it can be cleansed easily.

Apropos field presentations: Müthing is not the only company where you can experience the products in action! Our sales agents will gladly visit you and show you our Ecotent® range of products – live and in colour. As a matter of course, this service does not bear any costs for you and it is non-binding – just arrange an appointment!

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